Sat, 1 Nov 2014 17:40:01 +0000

GnuTLS 3 and libgcrypt transitions finished

With today's removals of gnutls26 and libgcrypt11 from jessie the respective transitions have been finished. Thanks to everybody who help accomplishing this, package maintainers and the release team, with a special thanks to Emilio.

It started from a bad position: Since 2011 we had co-installable gnutls26 and gnutls28 in Debian with separate (and conflicting) development packages. Simply providing libgnutls-dev from gnutls28 was not possible because there are some incompatibilities and because we had license problems. So we ended up gradually switching packages over by sourceful uploads.
GnuTLS progress diagram, binary packages in sid

Looking back, this worked both well and badly: On one hand it played nicely with testing migration. It did not break a lot of important packages at a single time or block packages from migration to testing. On the other hand over a 100 sourceful uploads are a lot, and the transition took a long time.

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