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Fri, 22 May 2009 09:48:54 +0000

GnuTLS 2.7.12 available in experimental

Yesterday I have uploaded the second release candidate of GnuTLS 2.8 (i.e. version 2.7.12) to experimental. Apart from the usual shiny new features there are two changes to the infrastructure.

  • libgnutls(-extra)-config and the respective m4 test AM_PATH_LIBGNUTLS have been removed. This breaks building of any packages relying on these scripts. Since gnutls ships .pc files, fixing this by switching to pkg-config is simple. Using rebuildd I have already done testbuilds of all packages in sid/main which build-depend on libgnutls-dev and have submitted bugreports where necessary. Due to the number of involved packages I have not done that for all binary packages that link against libgnutls but do not Build-Depend on it. If you are a maintainer of such a package please make a test build.
  • Symbol versioning has changed. libgnutls provides a number of symbols that are not part of the API but are needed by the "sister" libraries libgnutls-extra and libgnutls-openssl. These symbols are now versioned PRIVATE instead of GNUTLS_1_4. This should not break any applications, but please give your gnutls-using packages a short testrun with the library in experimental. Thank you.

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