Sun, 16 Jul 2006 14:51:00 +0000

getting rid of gnutls11 and libtasn1-2

I have set some activity to finally get rid of archaic gnutls versions from sid by signalizing my intention to NMU some bugs and asking for the first binary NMUs.

I got stuck at lock-keys-applet. I have got a nice binary package and diff that fixes the bug as far as I can tell. However I am not running Gnome on sid and have not been able to find a tester on IRC either. I would appreciate feedback per mail, TIA.

Update: I have received some feedback on lock-keys-applet: Some positive user feedback ("Yes, it works.") and OTOH a pretty strange answer from the maintainer, which can be summed up as "Please do not NMU the package.".


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